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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sleep report!

I'm afraid to say anything because I just might jinx our good fortune but Hannah has FINALLY started to sleep better at night again! She slept through the night for her first 5 months and then started waking in the night around 4am that just kept getting earlier and earlier until she was starting to wake 4 times in the night starting around 11pm! It was really getting insane, and I was getting so desperate for a good night of sleep! We had really been pushing the food on her for quite awhile but she wasn't taking to it. Then just a week or so ago she FINALLY started to actually do okay with it. And now she's doing great (turns out she likes her food just a little warmer than I had been preparing it), getting three meals a day, plus nursing 4 times during the day! I also started letting her cry at the 11pm wake and then again at 3am if she woke up since I knew she had just eaten 2 hours before. And now she's only waking twice in the night--around 12 and 4ish. I'm still quite anxious for a full night, but I'm okay with the progress!!

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BellaMama said...

Praise the Lord!! I'm glad you figured out what to do and things are better for you again!
(keep this in mind for when she really starts to crawl and thinks about looking like she's going to walk - more calories in use!)