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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nebraska report.

1) Interview went pretty well on Tuesday though Kevin didn't feel real great about it. He has to take a knowledge test, so they might fly him back out in the next three weeks so he can take that. Then once results of the test are in, hopefully we'll hear something about whether he got a job there or not. He thinks if he does well on the test, he probably has about a 75% chance of getting the job. The plant is filling a new class right now and he's the first to interview for the new class. So that will make a difference in how fast we hear back. While we're anxious to get answers, they're just getting started in the process.

2) The area wasn't too bad at all. There were actually several fast-food places in the town and a Pamida and even a teeny movie theater. Nice park and even a small aquatic center with water slides n stuff for the summer. Then half-hour away there's the bigger town with more things like Walmart, haha, though we didn't get a chance to check out that town. And Omaha is just over an hour and so is Lincoln.

3) We looked at a few houses and found an old farm house with 2 acres we really liked. it was very well kept and doesn't really need immediate fixing though there were several things I would change to make it "ours". Basically, it has a barn, two medium-sized sheds, a huge lawn with beautiful grass, 4 bedrooms, 1 full bath and a partial bath, an attic upstairs that could actually be turned into a real neat play area or school room, and a screened-in porch perfect for a swing. it just seemed like it had a LOT of potential and Kevin's always wanted to live in the country. It's on a gravel road but only a mile or less until pavement (which makes a big difference in the Iowa winter!!) So we'll just wait and see. Seems like other people might also be interested so by the time we get there, it might be under contract already. There's still a lot more there we didnt' have time to see though, so we'll be sure to check all our options.

4) We loved getting to hang out with our Navy friends who also just recently got out and were hired there in Nebraska. Even with their four young children they were still willing to house us too for the two days and it was so much fun for all the kids to play together. We can't wait to see more of them whether we live there or are just visiting!

Kevin with all three of their girls on the trampoline
Eli, Briana (7), and Hanna (4) looking at a fuzzy caterpillar
Hanna (4)
Kiera (almost 3)
Owen (10 months), you can't tell from this picture but this boy has beautiful blue eyes!

You can't have beards in the Navy, but now that he's out Craig's sporting the new look.

Just some background, Craig and Kevin went through most of their Navy time together. Right after boot camp they met at nuke school in South Carolina. Then they both got sent to the same ship U.S.S. George Washington (air craft carrier) where they were for 5 years including two deployments. And then Craig and his wife (n kids) were transferred back to South Carolina and we were transferred to Connecticut. And now we're all getting out around the same time, and they're also from Iowa moving back just ahead of us.

So that's the update on Nebraska. Now today Kevin is flying back to CT for his last 3 weeks of work and to finish off the moving. And I'll just be hanging out at my parents' house with the kids. We have several things planned though so I don't think we'll get too bored. =) I'll go down to their house house (where they currently live) on the weekends and I'll have internet access then but otherwise I won't have anything since Kevin's taking the laptop back with him. The kids are doing amazing through all of the changes, though I'm a bit stressed figuring out their schedules and having to pack up n go all the time. So hopefully we'll be able to settle down for a couple weeks!

Keep a prayin'! We appreciate you all thinking of us and supporting us as we go through this big transition!


AmyD said...

Thanks for posting the update about the interview. We'll keep on praying. Sounds like a nice area up there too. 4bedrooms, 1 bath, 2 acres! Sounds perfect!

Sharon said...

Prayers continue...