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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Train Ride: Happy Faces and Free Snuggles

First of all, scroll down to the previous post to read about our train adventures and see the beautiful scenery pics. (click pictures to view larger)

Here we are, ready to go!

waiting anxiously for the train to go
Hannah got all snuggled down at the beginning of the ride...
making Mommy think she's going to take a nap just as I hoped
one of the only pictures of me

...and then Hannah was up and ready to play, no nap!
yay! Hannah was having a blast! (until the second half of the ride when she realized how tired she really was)

these next two are precious to me

I love the bored look with the foot dangling down and the oldness of the seat.
snuggling as they watched out the open window. I was praying that Eli wouldn't fall out!
Grandpa was holding Hannah and pretty soon Eli was climbing on too!

1 comment:

BP said...

Such wonderful pictures! I want to ride a train like that with Caleb sometime.