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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Carpet pics!

The carpet's done! The workers came around 10 yesterday morning and finally finished around 7:30pm. Everything went very well! Prior to them coming we tried to clean out the rooms the best we could, just leaving a couple furniture items in each room. I moved the kids' beds downstairs for naptimes, and was pleasantly surprised how well they did when it came time! I put Hannah in the playroom, since it's the only room downstairs that fully closes off. I was afraid it would really confuse her if I tried napping her in the middle of all the toys, so I covered them with big blankets, and she took a great nap without much fuss at all! I put Eli around the corner in the "sitting room"?? (calling out to you readers, what would you call a room with a bookcase, piano, recliner, and TV??? it's right OFF of our living room but not the actual living room) Anyway, I put Eli in that room around the corner so he wouldn't actually be able to see into the living room, and he went straight to sleep without a peep! Good kids! The only hard thing about the day is that we took the baby gate down from the stairs so the workers go up and down freely, and for poor little Hannah all she wanted to do was go up all day long. But for one day we could surely survive, and now we have beeeautiful carpet! I didn't think I could love carpet, but this sure does look nice and makes a wonderful difference in the house! It updates the house just like that, even without paint yet! Check out the before and afters, in order of how you see them coming up the steps...

Hallway--beforeafterHannah's room--before
afterguest room--beforeafterour bedroom--before
afterEli's room--beforeafter
And don't forget to "Name that room"! =)

Happy Tuesday!


Holly said...

That looks amazing!!! Good job on carpet choice too, it totally opens up the room and makes it look bigger!

Kelly said...

I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks really great and does make it look so much more updated with the new carpet! It's a fresh and clean look! I would call it the "sitting room" too. We call our extra room downstairs that is not the living room our sitting room. Love ya! Lisa T.

K,S, C and D the Dog said...

What a transformation! The carpet looks great. Now for new drapes :) every little bit, piece by piece, take your time or you won't know what to do in 6 months!

I'd "name that room" - the Library!

crystal said...

If I didnt call it a sitting room, I would put in more bookcases and call it a Library! I have always wanted just a library...Love the new carpet, it looks great!

Also, if you do homeschool, you could take the TV out and make it your shcool room...