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Sunday, February 1, 2009

New carpet....

...is coming TOMORROW! I wanted for the carpet to get done before Hannah's birthday (when we have lots of family come to our house) but wasn't really expecting for it to get done by then. We just ordered our carpet one week ago and were told that it takes 2 weeks to get in, and then we schedule an installation time. So I thought it would take awhile to get through the process. But I was pleasantly surprised when Kevin got a call Friday saying that the carpet was in and they could come Monday to install!! Yay!! Not only will Kevin be home (yay!) because he's off until Thursday, but we can finally start to get more settled! We've been trying to not get much moved in/unpacked in our bedrooms until the carpet got done, so it's very exciting that'll we finally get to officially move in and put our bed frame together and fill our dressers, etc. Speaking of bed frame, we still haven't figured out what to do about our boxspring. It doesn't fit up the stairwell at all, so it continues to sit in our living room. We're thinking we're going to have to sell it and buy a 2-piece boxspring instead, but we're not too thrilled to have to spend the money so we keep delaying. Anyone else have this issue, and what did you do about it??


Kelly said...

That sounds great!! I am so excited for you guys! Hey... I am wanting to start doing some activities with Addie everyday. I have been looking at the site that you have used for Eli. Are there anymore that you know about? If you want to contact me through Myspace so we could talk about it that would be great. Thanks girl!!

Sharon said...

I KNOW how good a feeling that is! We tried to paint first & foremost while the old carpet was still in. Of course that meant not moving most of our things until the new carpet was installed, etc. Stress!
Who did you wind up going with, btw?

K,S, C and D the Dog said...

Congrats on the new carpet. That always makes you feel better about your home - your grime only on the floors not years of other owners.

As for the boxspring - Oh my friend, did we ever have this issue.
Our last house the bedrooms were on the 3rd floor, which was actually a finished atic of an old victorian. Our queen sized bedspring would definitely NOT be fitting up those windy stairs.
So my genious of a husband did the following in order to get it up there when we moved in and down when we moved out.
- We pulled off the bottom cover, ya know that nice thin material so you don't see the inerts!
- There are wood strapping pieces that go crosswise to support the frame. Remove them - yes, sounds weird, leave all the spring stuff in tact, but take out the thin wood pieces.
- We were then able to bend the box spring just enough to get it around the turn of the stairwell.
- After it got up there. Nail the wood support pieces back in place and wallah.
- We didn't even bother to put that silly thin material over the bottom because we knew we'd have to do it again at some point.

Not sure if that's your issue, but figured I'd at least let you know you aren't the only one. We weren't thrilled about spending the money for a split box spring either so we kinda just invented our own way to resolve the problem.

Haven't fallen through the bed yet so I guess our quick fix was A OK. :)

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I had that problem in two different apartments. I sold the box spring and purchased a MUCH cheaper wooden thing from IKEA (see options here: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/categories/departments/bedroom/10635/). They will ship to you if a store isn't close by. I got the $20 version. It replaces your need for a box spring altogether, and I cannot tell the difference one bit! You'll just have to be sure that the dimensions will work with your current frame, but their products are standard US bed sizes, so it should be OK.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah! It's nice to hear you're getting settled into your new home. We had some friends that had this problem when they moved into an old victorian house. They were able to use 2 box spring from twin beds that worked pretty well - they didn't have to buy them because they knew people who were willing to "donate" what they had. Otherwise, my parents have solved this problem by lifting the box springs up and through the window. Not sure if this will solve your problem if it's an older farmhouse with small windows - but something to maybe look into.

Take Care,
Rae Lynne