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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Christmas in February

Last summer I found an adorable Christmas outfit for Hannah at a children's thrift store in CT, but assuming we'd "for sure be in a house by Christmas" I didn't pack it when we came back to Iowa in September. Well, as it turned out we were not moved yet by Christmas and Hannah couldn't wear her little outfit. I finally found it in the boxes a couple days ago and today I put it on her just because I had to see how it would look on her since it obviously won't fit her next Christmas. So happy Christmas in February!

My first photo attempt was before naptime,
and this is what I got:After naptime, much better:


BellaMama said...

Love the reality of before 'n' after nap pics!


bp said...

Awwwww! How sweet. Christmas in February is great for me! That little dress is so adorable. Red goes for Valentine's too!

crystal said...



Angie said...

I love what she's doing with her hands in the first angry picture. Very cute! She's almost one........ CRAZY! Remember last Valentine's Day? Hopefully there won't be any paramedics involved in your celebration this year! Gotta know what you decided on for a cake.