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Friday, February 13, 2009

Prayer Request (Updated again)

* UPDATE 2/14: My eyes are better again! They just gradually kept getting better and better until I could finally make it through the whole day without having to resort to glasses at the end of the day. So whatever it was just worked itself out! Thank you, God!!

* UPDATE 2/7: Home or not home my eyes are still VERY dry and blurry. I've figured out that when they start getting really blurry again I can drip some saline solution into my eyes and they instantly clear up. However, it only lasts a few minutes and then they're back to blurry, and it's time for another splash of solution all over my face. Not really sure what else to do, except to maybe look for actual Dry Eyes drops when I go into town again. Anyone out there experience this??

My mom's guessing it might be because of the new carpet (and hopefully it'll get better once it's not so new) but the last few days I've been having a TERRIBLE time with my vision being super blurry. It's okay in the morning but by the end of the day I can't see anything but shades of color really. If I take my contacts out, rinse them off, and put them back in, they're great again... but for only like 5 minutes maybe, and then they're back to crazy blurry. Not sure what to do about it. I guess we have three days of really nice weather coming (50s!!) so I'm going to try to get outside as much as possibly in hopes that fresh air helps. But pray that I'll have wisdom over this and even better yet, that it will just go away!! Thank you!


Mary said...

Will pray. My first thought was hoping that your eye infection wasn't coming back.

Sandi said...

Sarah it could be your new carpet. I saw a special awhile back that mention some new carpets have formaldehyde. If your carpet has a strong smell it could be it. It can cause headache, sore throat, burning and itching eyes and rash. I know its cold but they say try to air the house out. Run fans and open windows if you can. I will be praying for you.

bp said...

You have my prayers.

The book I just read talked about how new carpet can do things to how you're feeling so it could be related.

Anonymous said...

you really need to make it back to the Dr! your vision isn't something to take chances with. I hope it clears up soon!