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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hannah's new room!

Room before--old carpet and all
(drum roll...)



Room after! ta da!
I still need to do the curtains for this window. When I was in the fabric store I bought 2 panels of fabric and in the moment totally spaced the fact that that would only cover one window. So once I get all the rest of my fabric I'll get this one done too. The tie-backs also aren't really done yet either, just found some old ones that match. Just need hooks in the wall or something to hold them to the side. Our upstairs walls are all plaster, so we're trying to avoid nails n such if we can.crib before--I ordered this crib online for Eli and never was fond of the color when I saw it in person, but we just went with it anyway. It didn't match any other furniture pieces that we ended up getting, and it always bugged me. Then when it came to decorate Hannah's room, I realized I could paint it! Dramatic change at little expense!crib after--and now I LOVE it! By the way, I am sooo proud of myself for getting this crib assembled on my own, without instructions! I figured out what barrel nuts are by myself (hard to look something up when you don't know what it's called, but I googled what I knew "allen wrench crib assemble" and saw a picture of how they're used), and I had the crib together just before Kevin walked in the door from work! And now here she is!
dresser before--this was my old dresser I had growing upafter--with fresh coat of paint and "new" knobs (taken from our living room hutch)I LOVE how the room turned out! I wish she could have been in it this whole past year! But what a gift it is now! Just for fun, here's the project plan when I was toying around with Photoshop:So, how did we do??

I was going to also post a birthday tribute to Hannah while it's still her birthday, but I'm just so tired. It's been a BUSY week! So it'll be coming tomorrow hopefully, along with some pictures from her party! Twas a fun day, and now we're ready to relax!!


Sharon said...

Oh my gosh, it is BEAUTIFUL!!! You did an amazing job!!!! Good for you. I love it and it totally makes me want a little girl. ;)
Was it difficult to do? Is the lower part of the wall painted or wallpaper?
It is so nice. I am impressed!!

Holly said...

Gorgeous!!!!!!!!! You can design our kids' rooms (when we start having them) whenever you'd like! Fantastic job!

BellaMama said...

That is really spectacular!! I am inspired to do something after we move! I'll let you know then and maybe get some ideas from you!!

Really pleasant to the eyes!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Sarah! It looks so great! I'm getting ready to take pictures of our nursery to show everyone - people keep asking me so I need to get a few finishing touches done and then I can take them.

The small changes you made to the crib and dresser make such a difference! It's a beautiful little girl's room! I liked your idea of changing the knobs too - very creative!

Take Care
Rae Lynne